Bauer Vapor 1X SE Composite GriptacStick Senior Flex 95

Bauer Vapor 1X SE Composite GriptacStick Senior Flex 95
Bauer Vapor 1X SE Composite GriptacStick Senior Flex 95 (2) Bauer Vapor 1X SE Composite GriptacStick Senior Flex 95 (3)
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Bauer Vapor 1X Composite Stick Flex 87 - The new VAPOR 1X stick with improved Quick-Release Taper Technology is our lightest stick ever, giving you your fastest shot ever.

- Ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots

- VAPOR Low-Kick flex profile

- IMPROVED QRT Technology
* The 2016 QRT Taper with the re-engineered fiber orientation provides an even quicker shot release than the previous QRT Taper
* Offers the quickest loading process and the quickest releasing process to date from Bauer

- Lightweight Silver TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber
* The new fiber orientation removes about 10 grams of weight, increases the taper's durability by 30% and provides an even quicker shot release than before
* Lightest Vapor Stick ever
* TeXtreme® is 20% lighter and manages impact stresses 20% better than traditional carbon fiber

- Monocomp Technology (true 1-piece stick)
* True one-piece compression molding process, eliminates "fusion" or connection point between shaft and blade
* Gives players an unreal responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom
* Best process available for a lightweight and balanced hockey stick

- eLASTech technology
* Proprietary resin with carbon nanotubes reinforcements and tougheners that provide a 56% increase in strength compared to standard resin
* Extends the life of the stick by helping to keep micro-fractures from growing and spreading
* Extends the pop life of the stick; keeping it feeling newer, longer

- Micro Feel II Shaft
* Round corners double concave shaft walls
* fit comfortably in your hands
* the result is easier puck handling and superior support

- GRIPTAC grip finish

- Lightweight Silver TeXtreme® construction
- Pure Shot blade profile
* Increases accuracy and blade control by preventing the blade from opening up or twisting on big Shots
* Increases durability with the additional material in place

- AERO SENSE 2 blade core
* Aerospace-grade material integrated directly into the outer layer of carbon fiber
* Much lighter and more effective than the previous Sense Layer in the APX2
* Increases puck feel plus it prevents chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown
* Exclusive and Bauer's premium TeXtreme™ carbon fiber


WEIGHT of a senior stick 87 flex with grip and a P92 pattern.
- approximately 440 grams
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model depending on flex and pattern.

LENGTH: (Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.)
- 60"

- P92
- P91A

Nyckelord: Apx stick, composite, APX2, Composite, Flex, batidor, matón, stick, racchetta, Bâtons, bâton, baton, batons
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