Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice skate Senior

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice skate Senior (2) Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice skate Senior (3)
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Bauer Vapor X2.7 Skates are an excellent choice for the competitive player who's looking for comfort, protection and performance at a reasonable price. Right out of the box, the step-in comfort and the natural fit around the foot will be sure to impress thanks to the new boot construction and redesigned internal foam package.

For competitive play, Bauer used a stiffer, more supportive 3D Polycarb boot that helps improve agility and power through each stride. The top of the foot is well protected with the upgraded 40oz felt tongue that even includes plastic reinforcement, nonetheless, it is still comfy and mobile too. Below the boot, the X2.7 features the most popular holder in the NHL, called the Tuuk Edge, which makes swapping out the runners a breeze!
Quarter Package:
One-piece 3D Polycarb
New material and manufacturing process provides better fit, support and visual detail
Thermoadjustable so the internal foams can better form around the foot for a personalized fit
Skate Laces:
Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces
Plush Microfiber for premium comfort and moisture management
Ankle Padding:
Thicker memory foam than in year's past for improved out-of-the-box comfort and fit
Tongue Construction:
40oz, two-piece felt with injected metatarsal guard
Provides protection needed for competitive hockey without sacrificing comfort or mobility
Form Fit
Extra thickness for extra comfort
Injected TPR
Blade Holder and Runner:
Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
Most popular holder in the NHL due to the innovative trigger system that allows broken or damaged runners to be swapped out in seconds
The front and rear posts are 3mm taller than traditional holders, providing one of the most aggressive turning radius' on the market.
Tuuk LightSpeed Edge S-Stainless Steel Runners
Mid-grade steel with premium durability
9 ft. radius
Weight of a size 8D skate: 819 grams for the Bauer X 2.7 Skate
Ice Skate grinding for Bauer Skate not include you can order extra: sharping both skates

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