Mission Skate Inhaler FZ 1 Senior Roller Hockey D

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The FZ-1 takes advantage of Mission’s new technologies combined with trusted features from past models, resulting in a comfortable, high-performing skate. The Mission Inhaler FZ-1 inline skate is made for the elite-level skater who is looking for a wide array of performance features at a great value.

Among other things, the following new technologies are processed in this skate:

  • Off-White Curv quarter for maximized energy transfer
  • Grip liner for a locked-in feel
  • Neoprene ankle padding for increased comfort
  • Labeda Addiction wheels for enhanced wear resistance
  • CNC HI-LO Aluminum chassis for excellent speed and control

The FZ-1 features a grip liner with Indy foam pads. This technology gives you the comfort you’re looking for in a high-end skate, while also keeping your foot locked in place as the game goes on. This grip liner is complemented by neoprene ankle padding inside the skate. This flexible material helps to increase support around the ankle, and when combined with the liner, helps to produce an all-around comfortable boot. This model also includes a 10-mm, 52-oz form-fit tongue with metatarsal padding for increased protection.

A new feature in this Inhaler model is the Off-White Curv quarter package with ventilation and abrasion guards. This technology provides you with enhanced stiffness and lateral support through the boot, allowing you to maximize energy transfer with each stride. Curv also helps to keep your foot cool, comfortable, and protected throughout the game. The boot is also thermoformable, with an anaform upper that allows the skate to mold to your foot for a personalized fit.

This elite-level model also comes with top-end wheels. The Inhaler FZ-1 features Labeda Addiction wheels, designed for the power skater in mind. The Addiction grip has a hard center urethane core and a hard inner speed ring, helping to flex and grip with every stride, matching each player’s skating style without compromising wear.

Mission partners the Labeda Wheels with their CNC HI-LO Aluminum chassis on this model. The frame uses a unique design allowing for a difference in wheel size - two 76-mm wheels on the front and two 80-mm wheels on the back, which promotes both enhanced speed and control. With this chassis design, you get the benefits of both smaller and larger wheels to give your stride an extra performance boost.

Like the FZ-0, the Inhaler FZ-1 includes a newly shaped tendon guard with color chip inserts for personalization. These color chips are also available on the ankle, helping you to further customize your skate style. With these personalized options, as well as the excellent performance features included, Mission’s FZ-1 proves to be an excellent option for the player looking for an elite level option at a lower price point.

Thermoformableof the FZ1 skate:
  • yes

Quarter Package of the Elite-Level FZ 1 skate:
  • 3D-Lasted Curv™ Composite
  • Featherlight with pro-level stiffness designed for blazing speed, power and agility
  • Proprietary manufacturing process of the one-piece quarter package that provides an anatomically-correct shape around the entire foot right out of the box
  • Anaformable upper allows the skate to heat mold better than traditional quarter packages for a true, 360 degree personalized fit regardless of foot shape
  • Ventilated Inhaler Toe Cap and Side Vent helps to improve comfort and manage moisture
  • Low-profile abrasion guards to prevent wear-and-tear on the boot

Lining Material of the Mission FZ-1 inline hockey boot:

  • Comfort Grip Liner
    *Strategically built to lock the foot into place while maintaining top-notch comfort

Ankle Padding of this Mission skate

  • Indy "Memory" Foam Ankle Pockets for pro-level comfort

Tongue of the Mission Elite-Level skate:

  • Form-Fit 2: 52oz, two-piece black felt with Plastic and Foam Insert
    *Plastic sandwiched between medium-density foam is integrated through the center of the tongue to provide elite protection for the top of the foot

Outsole of the FZ 1 inliner:

  • Clear TPU
    *Improved lateral stiffness allows for a more efficient transfer of energy through the stride

Footbed of FZ-1 skate:

  • Form-Fit
    *Medium-density foam base provides a good balance of comfort and support

Frame of the Mission FZ-1 Roller Hockey skate:

  • One-piece, CNC aluminum Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ Frame
    *Offers an aggressive angle of attack for agility while maintaining a low center of gravity

Wheels of the FZ1 Inline Hockey skate:

  • Labeda Addiction Signature (74A) Indoor Wheels
    *Maximum grip, speed, and durability for indoor surfaces via its unique triple durometer construction
  • 2x 80mm in the rear / 2x 76mm in the front

Bearing of the Mission FZ1:
  • Hi-Lo™ Swiss 608 bearings[/list]

    Width of the FZ-1 skate:

    • D

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