Bauer Street Goalie Leg Pad Junior

Bauer Street Goalie Leg Pad Junior
Bauer Street Goalie Leg Pad Junior (2)
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The Bauer Street Goalie Leg Pads feel great around the legs and have a lightweight and mobile design. With the deep leg and boot channel, the leg pads are able to sit closer to the ground providing goalies better coverage when in the standing position. The exterior has a professional look that is built with a mix of durable nylon and synthetic leather, and has extra abrasion shields in the high wear areas to help these last even longer. Thick medium density foams give great protection while maintaining elite level mobility.

Three Velcro straps lock the leg pads into place with perforated low density foams in the calf wrap and knee wing for great breathability throughout the game. To really help prevent the leg pads from slipping around, Bauer added a foot hook strap inside the boot channel. Players can now attach the leg pad's toe by directly strapping it underneath their shoe laces to prevent the toe from sliding off the shoes during gameplay. The knee stack and inner calf utilize thick medium density foams for solid protection and comfort and help seal off the butterfly.

Exterior of the Bauer Street Leg Pads:

  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Synthetic leather
  • Abrasion shields in high wear areas

Protection of this Leg Pad:

  • Lightweight design and construction
  • Low and medium density foams

Face of Bauer Street Goalie Leg Pad:

  • Flat-face design
    *Good for controlling rebounds

Calf Wrap of these pads:

  • 2 piece design
  • Outside flap is perforated low density foam for great breathability
  • Inside flap is medium density foam for protection
  • Large Velcro pad for custom fit

Knee Stack of Bauer street Leg Pad:

  • Thick medium density foam
    *Offers great protection and comfort

Knee Wing of this pad:

  • Low density, perforated foam for added breathability
  • Large Velcro pad for custom fit

Leg Channel of Bauer Street Goalie Pads:

  • Deep leg channel
    *Keeps the pad securely locked around the leg
  • Soft padding

Boot Channel of this Bauer Pad:

  • Deep boot channel
    *Allows the leg pads to get closer to the ground when in standing position

Straps at the Bauer Street Leg Pad:

  • 1.5" Velcro straps
  • 3 adjustable straps for secure lock around the knee and calf
  • New Foot hook strap
    *Locks the toe of the leg pads to the players shoe laces
  • Prevents leg pads from rotating when dropping into butterfly and cross crease movements

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